Webster Mysteries, continued

I received a response from Rachel Kuehn yesterday. Her records are essentially the same as what’s available online. There were no clues as to the identity of these children’s parents, birth dates or death dates. Of the five children buried in George Webster’s lot, I know for sure that Wilda and the unnamed infant are children of Willis and Mabel. I suspect that George J. and Willis are as well but I don’t have any substantial evidence. Either of these children could have been sons of Miles and Viola.

I found George J., Willis, and the unnamed infant in the Ohio Death Certificate Index so I’m considering requesting their death certificates from the Ohio Historical Society. The certificates should provide the answers I’m looking for.

The biggest and most difficult mystery is M. A. Webster. This child does not appear in the online death records for either Lake or Geauga County. Nor does this child appear in the Geauga County births listing. There are several possibilities for the parents – George and Vietta, Miles and Viola, Willis and Mabel, or Willis and Lillie.

I doubt that George and Vietta are the parents. Both the 1900 and 1910 censuses indicated that Vietta had given birth to three children, of which two were living. That would put the birth of the deceased child between 1875 and 1900. Since Willis wasn’t born until 1879, he may have been the second child.

I don’t know exactly when Willis and Mabel were married; I’ve been using 1905 as an educated guess based on Nellie’s birth in 1906. The 1910 census shows Mabel with only two children (Nellie and Verna). None of her children had died at this point, at least according to the census. In the 1900 census, Willis was married to Lillie Folsom Loveland who had one child, Mabel. I’ve seen no sign of Lillie after that census but her daughter Mabel appears in the 1910 census. I don’t know if their marriage was ended by death or divorce.

Miles and Viola were married in 1903. I haven’t been able to locate them in the 1910 census. At that time, they should have had two living children, Alma and Adolean. Alma was born in 1906, approximately three years after their marriage. I’m speculating that M. A. Webster may have been their child.

I may have to make a weekend trip to the folks and try to find obituaries at the Morley Library. This coming weekend would be ideal since I’m taking a vacation day on Monday but I really need to work on the bathroom. Perhaps the following weekend, weather permitting.


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  1. The child, M.A. Webster was buried in George Webster’s plot at Maple Grove Cemetery in Thompson on or about 5 September 1905. Willis and Mabel were married in June 1905. I doubt they are the parents unless Mabel was pregnant at the time of their marriage. The 1910 census indicates that she had no children that had died up until that time.

    I strongly suspect that M.A. was the child of Miles and Viola given the time of their marriage and the evidence against it being Willis and Mabel or George and Vietta.

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