Updating stuff

I updated my Gedcom files today. The Ancestors page I created on my laptop is different from the last edition. I guess I’ll have to take a good look at the options. I created a new page from GED4WEB too. I noticed that the previous gen2 folder was about 12.5 MB and the new one is about 16.1 MB. That’s a big chunk of my space on the host, about a third of it. Tonight I’ll create new pages from GED2HTML. I’ve decided that since I’m not really maintaining the monthly history pages, they’re going away. I’ll archive them. I’ll update the site tonight.

After I got home I worked on upgrading the Web pages. I really don’t like the way that NVU HTML editor formats the files. It makes them hard to edit in a text editor. So I spent much of the evening going through my pages line by line, fixing the formatting. I’ll upload the pages later on tonight.


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