Obituary findings

The obituaries from the Morley Library arrived today. They confirmed what I figured out. That got me going on some of the extraneous Gaines lines. I also upgraded to GedWise 6.0 today.

Regarding the Gaines obituary. There were two paragraphs in the August 3, 1909 edition of the Painesville Telegraph-Republican, one under Thompson news and the other under Madison news. The Thompson item said that he had died on July 28 in Edinburgh while visiting a daughter. I know that Floretta lived there but I was under the impression that she died in March 1909. I’ll have to check the 1910 census again but I do believe that his other daughters lived in either Lake or Geauga County. The Madison item said that he died 29 Jul in Ravenna. It also mentioned that he was buried in “the Madison Cemetery.” Was it Fairview or North Madison? Since neither he nor Elvira appear in the Lake County tombstone transcriptions, there probably isn’t a stone for either of them.

Libby’s obituary didn’t specifically mention her maiden name but it did state that her son, Marvin L. Layman, and her brother, William Plummer, had preceded her in death. I was surprised there was no mention of her “step-daughters.” Marvin L. Layman’s record in Ancestry’s Ohio Deaths, 1958-2000, shows that his mother’s maiden name was Plummer.


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