Webster children

I did a little bit of research on the daughters of Miles Webster last night. I didn’t find much new information.

I sent off an e-mail to Rachel Kuehn, the Thompson town clerk, asking for information on the Websters buried in Section 66, Lot 4 of the Maple Grove Cemetery. Aside from George Wallace and Vietta, the rest of them seem to be children. There’s an infant (identified as a child of Willis) who died in 1926, George, (matches a George J. in the ODCI) who died in 1916, M.A. Webster (identified as a child) who died in 1905, Wilda (known to be a child of Willis) who died in 1918, and Willis who died in 1925. George and Wilda are buried in the same grave, which leads me to believe they are siblings. I would suspect that Willis is also the child of Willis (namesake). I’m not sure about M.A. Webster. I found no death record in either the Geauga or Lake County online records, nor any birth records. One or more of these children could have been children of Miles and Viola. I’m hoping Rachel can provide me with information from the cemetery records that will positively identify these children and give me birth and death dates.

According to the 1900 and 1910 censuses, George and Vietta had lost one child. However, none of the children listed in that lot died before 1900. I can’t find any birth records in either county for them other than Willis W. in 1879.

I’m looking forward to receiving the obituaries from the Morley Library.


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