Waiting on Obits

I received several e-mails from the staff genealogist at the Morley library today. She couldn’t find the Willis Webster in question in the obituary card file. She suggested the Chardon library or the ACGS. I’m fairly certain that this Willis was the son of Willis and Mabel. They were living in Painesville in 1925 and the Ohio Death Certificate Index shows that the death was recorded in Lake County. The Geauga County Cemetery listing shows the burial the day after the death and in the same lot as Wilda Webster. I know from Wilda’s obituary that she was their daughter and I think the cemetery listing indicates the same. I may have to e-mail Rachel in Thompson to see if she can give me any details from the sexton’s records.

In the last e-mail, she said their were four items in the mail. There were two News-Herald articles for Libby. Since the index showed two pages for the S. Gaines obituary, I’m guessing those would be the other two. I’m anxiously awaiting that envelope.

Hopefully, the S. Gaines will be Solomon as I’m sure it is. I’m hoping it will fill in some missing Gaines information. I’m hoping that Libby’s obituaries will confirm her maiden name. If it mentions Marvin L. Layman as a son, that would be a good indication. I’m hoping it will specifically mention her maiden name.

I still haven’t gotten a response from the staff genealogist at the Chardon library to either my e-mail or my letter. The genealogy page of the library’s Web site only lists genealogy classes. I wonder if I can work the Chardon Library into my next visit to the homeland.


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