This morning I began putting a letter and an e-mail together to request three obituaries from the Morley Library – S. Gaines, Elizabeth (Layman) Warren, and Willis Webster (1925). I’ll see what that gets me.

I found two Marvin Laymans in the Ohio Deaths, 1958-2000 database on Ancestry. One would approximately match Libby’s date of birth and the other, born about 1933, could easily be a son. On the younger Layman’s data, I saw that his mother’s maiden name was Plummer and he was born in Maryland. Looking at the 1930 census, I found Elizabeth Plummer and Marvin Layman, both 17, living in Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland. The census showed that Elizabeth had been born in Ohio. I found her in Sunbury, Delaware, Ohio in the 1920 census.

So far everything I’ve found points to Elizabeth Plummer being my grandfather’s second wife. Hopefully, the obituary will confirm it. I’ll have to add the Marvin Layman obituaries to my list. That reminds me, Mom said that one of Libby’s sons had some of grandpa’s stuff. I’ll have to ask her about that next time I talk to her.


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