Miscellaneous Harrison Info

I did get the Harrison files sent to Chris and Jeanine on Friday. I got an e-mail from another Harrison cousin, a descendant of Almond Harrison, Franklin’s brother. She gave me some information I hadn’t seen before. I hope she gets my reply. For some reason, it was getting bounced when I sent it from the genealogy account but it seemed to go through when I used my main mojoreisen account.

I need to look at BLM records for Ira Harrison (senior and junior). Maybe I’ll find something of interest.

I didn’t find any BLM records for any Harrison in Iowa but I did find land patents for Franklin and Nettie in Nebraska, dated 1913 and 1915, respectively. That puts them in Dawes County, Nebraska between 1910 and 1920. The 1913 patent would put him there in 1908, the 1915 in 1910, which is where they were according to the census.

I finished entering the Harrison ancestry into Legacy. It is kind of cool knowing that I had ancestors on the Mayflower who had signed the Mayflower compact, and were most likely present at the first Thanksgiving.

I may have found my connection to Benjamin Harrison, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and his descendants, Presidents William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison. My ancestor, Richard Harrison came to either Boston or New Haven between 1638 and 1644. He had six sons and two of them, Nathaniel and Benjamin moved to Virginia. This Benjamin may be the direct ancestor of the aforementioned famous Harrisons. There are probably a number of other Presidents that I’m related to.

Another one of Richard Harrison’s sons was Edward who stayed in England. He was the Pastor of a prominent church whose congregation included Oliver Cromwell. History is so much more exciting when you can point to an ancestor or other relation who was intimately involved in that history. According to the information from Chris, I’m related to George Armstrong Custer.


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