Found James & Flora in 1900

I still only have about half of the Harrison information from Chris entered. On my next research trip (hopefully next month) I might drive over to Fairview and look around or, at least, see the cemetery.

I’m not sure what led me to start looking at my Fleming line today but when I did a Soundex search of the 1900 census on Ancestry, I found James and Flora in Painesville. He appeared in the index as “James Flemning.” I’ve been looking for that census for the longest time. That pretty much confirms the link between my great grandmother Mabel with James and Flora. I still need to confirm where Mabel, Ethel, Laura, Burt, and Irene were born. The WWI draft registrations for Edward and Corbett show them both being born in West Farmington, Trumbull County and since James seems to have remained in Painesville from 1900 on, there’s a very good probability that Irene and possibly Burt were born in Painesville. It would be helpful to know when they moved from West Farmington to Painesville.


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