Harrison information

Today I got the following e-mail:

I saw your inquiry about Cecil Harrison of South Dakota.

My husband is a descendant of Ira H. Harrison. He is Franklin Harrison’s brother. I’ve been researching this family and have quite a bit of information. Ira and Deborah (Washburn) Harrison are Ira and Frank’s parents. They also had several other children.

Please let me know if you are interested in this information.

Chris Tonn

That confirms what I found in the 1850 census for Fairview, Erie County, Pennsylvania as well as the census information for Deborah Harrison in Floyd County, Iowa in 1860. I am happy. That e-mail just brightened up my whole day!

Later in the evening Chris sent me Franklin Harrison’s ancestry. It’s 18 pages. I think I’ll print that out at work tomorrow. By the way, she also suspects that Cecil is Nettie’s son. The clues are in the census records. I have often wondered who his father might have been. Could it have been incest?


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  1. Ira Harrison is my gggrandfather by his son Franklin Harrison, Just wanted to say Hello.

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