Keeping things updated

At long last the letter to the Geauga County Genealogical Society requesting a copy of the Cooper Blakeslee probate documents is written. I will drop it off at the Post Office tomorrow. I still haven’t received a response to my e-mail with the same request.

I entered the information on Anna B. Foote, John E. Brown, and family into Legacy. I managed to find John E. Brown in the Morley Obituary Index and Alice M. White in Evergreen Cemetery. I should add both of them to my ever-growing obituary lookup list.

All of the genealogy pages have been updated and uploaded to the Web site. It’s about time. I need to go through some of the other pages and update them. I’m thinking about eliminating the monthly history pages. I haven’t updated them in a very long time and trying to keep them up to date has become virtually impossible. Maybe there’s a way to create a calendar from Legacy in html format.

I need to set aside some time to compile all of the census and other information I have on the Pettit line and send it to Richard Palmiter.

Dad wants prints of the two family portraits (Romig 1938 and Putka 1948) and the 50th Anniversary picture of Bert and Ethel. I’d better get on that soon.


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