The Wives of Willis Webster

I did a bit of online detective work yesterday to try and find more information on my great grandfather Willis Webster’s third and fourth wives, Anna and Hazel. I noticed in his obituary that Paul and Edward Loomis were mentioned as stepsons, leading me to believe that one of the wives had been married to a man named Loomis. Looking through my data in Legacy, I noticed that Hazel T. Arnold and Otis A. Loomis had, among their children, a Paul and an Edward. I recalled that in the listing for Maple Grove Cemetery, there had been a comment in Hazel T. Loomis’ entry that the clerk’s record showed her as “Hazel Loomis Webster” and indicated “? Webster” as a second husband? I searched and eventually located Hazel T. Webster in the Ohio Death Index and the Social Security Death Index and the dates matched the dates in the cemetery record. I’m now fairly certain that Willis had married Hazel T. Arnold Loomis, his first cousin. Hazel’s mother is Minerva Webster Arnold, his father’s sister.

I also found Willis’ World War I draft registration, which gave me his middle name, Wayne. I remember Mom had told me that but I had forgotten it. Now it’s in Legacy. I also changed the information for wife number four to link him to Hazel T. Arnold. I will definitely look for her obituary on my next trip to the Morley Library (hopefully next month).

I looked into Anna B. Webster’s past and I believe that her maiden name was Foote, she married John E. Brown who was about 23 years older her in around 1905, and had at least nine children. Her daughter Belle married Paul E. Loomis, son of Hazel T. Arnold. Loomis. It’s getting strange.


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