Mandy’s kinfolk & Ohio history

I haven’t really done anything genealogy related for a few days. (Okay, it’s more like a week.) The other night, Mandy took a look at my Bailey, Mullins, and Estes lead files and made a few corrections although not as many as she probably wanted to. I’ll add this information to the tree this weekend and, hopefully, get an update up on the Web site. By the way, Steve’s grandmother’s maiden name was Alma Bascom. She was Native American and came from the reservation to live with the Ellington family. I guess it’s a subject that’s not talked about in the family. I’ll make a note to that effect in Legacy.

Yesterday, I made a minor update to the main page, adding a link to an online edition of Henry Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio. I browsed through a few pages from the Geauga and Ashtabula County chapters and found it quite interesting. About the only possible relation I found was a mention of a Joel Blakeslee in Geauga County. Even if there are no relatives mentioned, it is still very interesting reading and gives me some insight as to what life was like in 19th century Ohio.


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