Lots of data entry

Sometime since the 25th I got all the Trask information entered. I’d better get working on the Hill information tonight.

Yesterday, I borrowed Mandy’s baby books and extracted the family tree and marriage information, entering it into Legacy. I also did some online follow-up to find death dates and other information. I e-mailed my findings to Mandy so she can go over it and let me know what’s good and what’s totally off. I noticed that I was not able to find any of her Bailey and Mullins ancestors in the census. Maybe the census takers didn’t venture into the back woods of Kentucky. (They may have been mistaken for revenuers.)

I received a response from the Historical Society of Windham County (Vermont) today. It didn’t provide a lot of new information but there were some good bits of information. The information comes from the Tinkham family Bible, which they have. They have the diaries of Otis Warren, which they won’t copy as it’s a manuscript but they do have a eulogy and a brief family biography. I think I’ll request copies of the eulogy and biography, along with a donation to the museum. I would love to travel to Vermont and read those diaries.

I updated the Otis Warren information and worked on tracing his family through the censuses.

Worked on Mandy’s tree most of the evening. She’s amazed at how much I’m finding. I just don’t how good it is. But I think I have a pretty good start on it. But was Alma’s maiden name Bascom or Ellington? What I’ve seen online suggests Ellington. I’ve only seen Bascom in the baby book.


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