Blakeslee and Fleming Research

I printed those census images at work yesterday since I don’t have a working printer at home. I also located Cooper Blakeslee in the 1800, 1810, and 1830 censuses. I used a wildcard search since his surname was misspelled in those censuses. In 1800 he was in North Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. In 1810, he was in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. I already had him in New Marlborough, Berkshire, Massachusetts in 1820; he was still there in 1830. And, of course, he’s in Thompson, Geauga, Ohio in 1840. That reminds me, my e-mail to the Geauga County Genealogical Society about Cooper Blakeslee’s probate documents hasn’t bounced so maybe they got it. The information I saw in that index seems to indicate that he probably died in 1842 in Geauga County. I still wonder what happened to his wife Mary Sackett. The information I’ve seen shows that she died around 1850 in Connecticut but I haven’t seen her in the 1850 census. I also updated the spreadsheet. In the Find worksheet, I listed women by their maiden names and put married names in the comments.

New URLs:

I’m still looking for James and Flora Fleming in the 1900 census. I figure that they should be in either Painesville or Farmington but a search of the 1900 census on doesn’t turn up anything. I wish would index that census. I got another e-mail from Joyce Fleming with information on Patrick. I need to save and print it.


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