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I recently found Cooper Blakeslee listed in a text file containing an index of Probate Court records.that I had downloaded from the Geauga County GENWEB archive.

GEAUGA COUNTY OHIO – Geauga County Probate Documents Index B Surnames

The film is available in the Anderson Allyn Room for Genealogical Research, Chardon Library, 110 E. Park St., Chardon, OH 44024. The files vary considerably in number of documents. The Genealogist will estimate the cost of copies and will wait for authorization to copy the file.

You may initiate a request by e-mail: Be sure to include the name and file number of the person you are researching and your name and a snail-mail address in your message.

BLAKESLEE, Cooper B-477 Estate 1842 1579672
BLAKESLEE, Uri B-210 Estate 1895 1579025

I sent an e-mail yesterday to initiate a request but it bounced. I’ll try an alternative address I found – — hopefully this will be a good address. If not, I guess I’ll have to use snail-mail or actually visit the library. I’m hoping that this document is Cooper Blakelsee’s will. If it is then it could give me some insight to his family, particularly, any children who might have been born in New Marlborough. I’m also wondering about Uri’s relation to Cooper.

Since I’m just starting this journal, this first entry may be a bit lengthy, as I want to document some recent discoveries. Please bear with me.

I believe I may have finally found my 3rd great-grandparents in the Fleming branch. I had found James Fleming, age 11, in the 1880 census in Farmington, Trumbull, Ohio with his parents and siblings. I was able to match three of his siblings mentioned in his obituary with the census. I found a sister, Anna, in Trumbull County records born in 1874 to Patrick Fleming and Mary Clark. This, too, matched the census information. I got a response to my query on the Rootsweb Trumbull County board, which listed several other children born to Patrick and Mary. They also matched the census information. Additionally, I got birth information for children born after the census. That pretty much confirms it. I’ve been working on tracking his siblings through the censuses. The obituary shows Kate’s married name as Lewilder but it’s actually Litwiler.

Here are some URLs I’ve found recently:

In the last week or so, I’ve traded a few e-mails with Ron Romig (1st cousin, once removed), son of Carl William Romig and Thelma E. Scheffler. He hasn’t given me much in the way of new information but what he has given me is good.

I’m starting to climb out of the slump I was in. It has been over a month since I’ve updated my genealogy pages and I plan to accomplish those updates this weekend. I’ve added plenty of new information. I still have a bit to add, namely the Daniel Converse Hill family and some more information on the Blakeslee line. I also need to experiment with the web options in Legacy and choose one or two of those formats for my web site.

I’ve got a couple of large projects that I need to work on – the cemetery project and the census project. The cemetery project will encompass sorting through all the cemetery photos I’ve taken, enhancing and renaming them, and then importing them into the Word documents I have for each cemetery. The census project has been started. I’ve been entering the census data into my Clooz database, updating census.xls, and renaming the image files to match the Clooz file number. I’ll have ti reorganize the hard copies, sorting them by file number. It will keep me busy for quite a while. I also need to take care of my sources.


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  1. I eventually obtained the Blakeslee probate documents through the Family History Library. Cooper Blakeslee’s will was very informative. I’ve transcribed the documents into Web format and have them on my site.

    The URL is

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